Lexington Healthcare Training Institute

"We are Committed and Dedicated to Your Future in Healthcare through Providing Exceptional Training"

Helping to provide that essential piece for careers as a
"Certified Nursing Assistant/Geriatric Nursing Assistant"

Training staff consists of experienced Registered Nurses. We are also affiliated with local nursing facilities, conveniently located less than 10-miles away, where our students do the clinical portion of the Training.

LHTI, LLC is a licensed private Career School conveniently located in Oxon Hill, MD offering CNA/GNA Training
every 4 to 5 weeks.

GNA refresher provided prior to taking your Examination.

Career services available to assist with job placement, resume writing, and interviewing technique. Call now to speak to an advisor, to help you obtain and maintain your dream of being a confident and dedicated Nursing Assistant.

Lexington Healthcare Training Institute is an
Approved/Licensed Private Career School

Maryland Board of Nursing

Maryland Higher Education Commission

National Healthcare Association


Mission Statement

Lexington Healthcare Training Institute is a leading healthcare training institution geared towards furthering student’s career goals on the nursing trajectory. The mission of Lexington Healthcare Training Institute, LLC (LHTI, LLC) is to offer students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills to apply for certification as a nursing assistant. Lexington Healthcare Training Institute is committed to giving those that are not yet ready to enter a traditional College Nursing Program the opportunity to enter an entry level Nursing Assistant Program which allows the individual the opportunity to start a career in Nursing.


Our Commitment

Lexington Healthcare Training Institue is committed to providing a high standard of teaching and learning opportunities to its students in a compassionate, respectful and ethical manner as required by Federal and State Laws and Regulations governing private career schools. Lexington Healthcare Training Institute strongly believes that its success depends on the success of its graduates; as such has created the environment conducive for success. We are owned and operated by Registered Nurses with over 40 years of long-term care experience who always dreamed of developing entry level nursing programs to give back to the community.

The strength of Lexington Healthcare Care Training Institute is in its well-articulated curriculum and experienced teachers. The goal of Lexington Healthcare Training Institute is to train its students for entry level jobs and to prepare them to become specialists in their chosen career fields at a reasonable cost. Students will therefore find that at LHTI they will not have to spend an arm and a leg to get their education.

Students will also find that the tuition LHTI is considerably lower than the tuition for similar programs at other private schools. LHTI prides its quality in part to its experienced faculty and excellent curriculum that has been approved not by the State of Maryland and Higher Education Commission.

The Certified Nursing Assistant and Geriatric Nursing Assistant program has also been approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing, making the Academy one of a few approved programs in the Prince George's County, Maryland.

We will continuously improve our programs, processes including our teaching and learning environment
to satisfy the needs of our stakeholders.

Our Vision

We will be one of the premier career schools in the State of Maryland, distinctive and successful in what we do, and the services we provide.

Our Values

Customers Our priority is student satisfaction. We will define our programs and services, communicate them clearly to our students, try to meet their expectations and strive to go beyond them wherever feasible.

  • Teamwork We will work together using individual differences to strengthen us and not to divide us. We will build trust and teamwork, candid communications up and down and across our organization.
  • People We will fulfill our vision. We will support our students to improve their skills, treat them fairly and recognize their accomplishments, motivating them to approach their learning with commitment and compassion.
  • Innovation We will accept change as the rule not the exception, and promote it by encouraging our faculty and staff to provide the finest services to our students.
  • Ethics We are committed to the highest standards of both professional and business conduct wherever we operate and encourage our students to do the same. We will obey all laws, preserve the environment, practice equal employment, and be a good neighbor to the communities we serve.
  • Performance We encourage high expectations, set ambitious goals for our students and work hard to meet our commitments. We strive to be the best in what we do.